RAF Northolt Case Study

Over the first four months of 2012 we worked closely with ‘Pride’ the Facilities Management provider and the Royal Air Force at RAF Northolt to meet their operational requirements and deliver the finishing touches to preparations prior to the arrival of five RAF Typhoons at the Station. These Typhoons are to provide a quick response against a potential terrorist threat and to guard the skies over London during the Olympic and the Para-Olympic period.

We have recently completed a number of varied tasks which included the reconstruction of a 900m2 concrete access road to a Bulk Fuel Installation facility including associated drainage. Some 2000m2 of block paving repairs to the main ASP. Excavating a blocked AGL cable duct between a taxiway and the main runway and then completing the reinstatement during a morning of no flying. We relocated several ISO containers to ensure appropriate storage is available at required locations. We undertook the transportation and installation of nine ‘porta cabins’ and two 40 foot storage containers which are to accommodate flight crews and engineers whilst the Typhoons are stationed at RAF Northolt. Despite the wet weather we also completed specialist airfield line marking again for the Typhoons. Working together with specialist contractors, the most challenging task we undertook was to protect the existing arrestor bed material from the efflux from the powerful Typhoon jet fighters. This was achieved by covering the arrestor bed with terram, that would readily fail should an aircraft but unfortunate enough to have to utilise the area, then 1400t of ‘matted root zone’ soil was spread 100mm over the whole area and topped off with almost 7000m2 of washed turf, laid in a continuous 48hr working period. This newly laid turf was then pinned and netted to stop it being dislodging by possible jet efflux. To aid the turfs maintenance and growth during the dry weather an irrigation system was also installed to keep the turf watered.

We also worked closely with a specialist surfacing contractor to reconstruct a section of taxiway adjacent the main runway, which involved some night shifts, during an airfield shutdown.

John TarrantRAF Northolt Case Study